Saturday, March 19, 2011


My frits week working at PULL AND BEAR is already pass, and it wasn’t easy at all! We have a lot of work there; the frits day was very interesting because the boss came to fix some walls, so he was explain me how to reorganize the clothe to make it attractive to the costumers, he was very clear but he doesn’t come every day to the store, I’m looking forward to another visit of him; the second day new items arrived, so they teach me how to do all the procedures to receive it and to send the information to Spain; third day I rested, I’ve been at home the whole day because I came down with a flu; the fourth day was a VERY busy day because was a holly day here in Italy, we celebrated the 150 anniversary of the unit of Italy and the coronation of Vittorio Emanuele II the frits king of Italy, so a lot of people were in the mall, the shop was crowded the whole time, so I couldn’t stop even a second trying to fix the clothes that the people left in the fitting room taking care of the costumer, dressing up some manikin and bringing items from the warehouse, I finished the day exhausted; and last day and once again new items arrived and I spend all day in the warehouse unpacking and organizing them. So, is not easy to work in this place, you have to be constantly doing something but my colleagues are nice people, young, happy and fun, they create a pleasant environment that make everything easier.

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